Phil Pfeiffer

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Phil Pfeiffer
Nicks Hall Room 4-467

Areas of Research

  • High Performance Computing
  • Database-oriented programming languages

Classes Taught
CSCI 2235 - UNIX
CSCI 3400 - Computer networking
CSCI 4417 - Introduction to System administration
CSCI 4717 - Computer architecture
CSCI 4727 - Operating systems
CSCI 5150 - Distributed operating systems
CSCI 5230 - Software project management
CSCI 5300 - Software design
CSCI 5420 - Topics in computer networking (pre-2000)
CSCI 5460 - Cryptography (pre-2000)
CSCI 5460 - Network and information security
CSCI 5957 - XML
CSCI 5100 - Computer architecture
Also, three software capstone projects, related to ORNL data collection, bringing high performance computing, and data entry for faculty activities.

Brief Biography
Professor Pfeiffer did his B.S in Yale University in 1976. He did his M.S and Ph.D in Wisconsin University. He worked as programmer in the Yale Registrar Office's from 1976-77; as a system analyst in PPG Industries' Glass Process Control Dvision from 1977-1984; and as a consultant for the former Supercomputing Research Center (Bowie, MD) from 1990-1994.

Personal Information
Hobbies: Day hikes, casual biking, scuba diving (including cave diving), reading (mostly history and non-fiction).